Pillow Talk

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What’s your favorite color? Think about it. What color makes you smile a while…

How many of you said one of these colors: Beige? Brown? White? Khaki? Probably none of you.

And yet so many of us seem to gravitate towards these “safe” colors when decorating our homes. Remember, where we live, just like the clothes we chose to venture out into the world in, should make us happy and reflect our personalities.

Let’s start simple, a pillow. A single couch or bed or chair pillow. Justttt one. You can find them in all shapes and sizes and colors, at, well everywhere. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: go purchase a pillow in your favorite color (teal, royal blue, yellow…coral….Favorite. Color. Ever) this weekend and work to build one of your rooms around it. Try it. Start with that one pop color pillow that makes you happiest and use that as your focus to continue to develop a room that screams you in colors and tones that you make you smile a while. Bye bye boring beige..

As a note, I think all too often we feel we need to work around the biggest piece of furniture in a room (you don’t). Use accent items  like books, candles, frames, pillows, throws, trays, etc., to set the tone for your space. Sometimes the smallest accents pack the biggest punch!

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Practical Tip of The Day:

Mixed Magic

Remember, “matching” doesn’t mean everything we own needs to be the same color…it just means it should compliment, or match, your style. I’m a huge fan of mixing textures and patterns and colors. Do what makes you happy. As mentioned in earlier posts…decorating should be fun. We’re all a bit quirky & wild & different (right?) and it’s ok if our homes are too.

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