Contain Yourself

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Nothing makes me happier then walking into a home and seeing a perfectly organized counter top – and all the colorful containers people shove the necessary ingredients of their favorite home cooked meals in.

Brightly colored boxes with old metal handles? Why not. Classic stainless steal cylinders with glass tops, all varying in size? Sounds good to me. Dark green ceramic jugs? Awesome. Recycled glass vases? Cool.

However one choses to do it, there is no mistaking it – an organized counter top is, obviously, “organized,” but also sets the tone for the home and entertaining space. “This kitchen is meant to cook in but I want to showcase my style…”.

Taking a que from your bedroom – do any of your pillows not have a pillow case on them? I’m not talking about a fancy quiltied pillow sham, I mean the old white pillow case that hides the stray goose feathers and standard pillow underneath. Those of you that said no…..well, I highly doubt any of you said that. A pillow is a pillow and it certainly doesn’t NEED a pillow “case” to function, but we all put them on our beds to match the décor and the sheets they sit on. So why would you skip out on that extra touch on your kitchen counter? Right? Our counter tops are just as much a reflection of our home and style as our perfectly tucked, fluffed and accessoried beds.

Especially in small apartments/houses where your kitchen is highly visible no matter where you are in the home, it’s important to remember not to skimp on pimping out your food prep space.

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Practical Tip of the Day:

Form vs. Function

It’s important not to clutter your counter with unnecessary storage/decor – everything you display should be functional and serve a purpose. Only store things that you will actually use and only put out storage items that you need. As much as I do love a perfectly organized counter, a perfectly cluttered countertop is not so hot.

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