No Table, No Problem.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.56.22 PM

Bigger is not always better. And attention to detail matters more than grand dining spaces.

My husband and I lived in an apartment for four years without a formal dinning room. Ok, not even without a formal dining room…without even a TABLE to dine on. Yeah. That happened.

But for 365×4 days we made it work. And you know what? It wasn’t even that bad! I bet a few of you reading this understand and are finding yourselves in a similar situation currently – welcome to post college, you moved to an expensive but awesome city and are currently enjoying the perks and pains of apartment living.

All to often I think we feel we need a huge table and gourmet table setting to have guests over.. False. All you need is a space that you can serve food/bevies on, and the will to transform your small but lovely space into a cozy place to hang out for an evening. Bar seating areas at your counter, coffee tables, side tables, porches, can all function as entertaining spaces if utilized correctly.

Dinner is Poured

Remember, you don’t have to serve a three course dinner to entertain. Appetizers and great drinks will keep friends and family entertained at your house for hours too!

Bar carts and serving trays are excellent (and mobile!) party starters.

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.55.55 PM

Coffee Table Cure

Coffee tables can serve as excellent entertaining tools. Especially if you are working within a small living space and don’t have an actual table to sit at (I feel you…), coffee tables offer a space to place beverages and food on, while seated comfortably on whatever couch or chairs you have gathered around it. Um, Vegas bottle service seating anyone? A low, small table can be just as effective as a standard dining table.

Although entertaining this way can feel more informal, with the right abidance (think lots of candles, nice dishware, good music…) you can create an awesome experience for your guests to enjoy.

Practical Tip of the Day:

Practical Purpose

Make your entertaining space purposeful. If you create a “bar area” ensure it is located in an easy to reach place so that your guests don’t feel akward when fulfilling the urge to refill. Keep the glasses and beverages somewhere accessable and somewhere multiple people can walk up to at the same time. Also consider what is around the beveraging station in your home. IE: probably not a great idea to have liquids around your favorite coffee table books that could easily be ruined. Nor your favorite new couch. No one is perfect (especially after a few glasses of wine) and someone, at some point, during the evening is bound to spill…so lessen the opportunity to ruin anything you care about.


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