Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.52.39 AM

Some might call it an obsession.

Some might call it……ok…I’m not sure what else I would call it, but I love mirrors.

You want to make a room feel bigger? Put up a mirror. You’re unsure of committing to an artwork style but need something on your wall? Put up a mirror. You want to reflect the light and scenery from a beautiful window on another wall? Put up a mirror. You walk into West Elm on a Saturday and find a 3’x4’ gorgeous restored wood mirror on sale for only $39….yeah, you put up a new mirror.

As a dweller of a small apartment I heart mirrors for the simple fact that the more of them that I put up, the bigger our 900 square foot slice of heaven feels. I know some of you are saying ” but I don’t have a lot of wall space to hang a large mirror” – no problem. Mirrors, just like people, come in alllllll shapes and sizes. All too often I think we feel we need to put up one large something on a wall, versus envision the posbilities of a bunch of small interesting things. My favorite places to hang mirrors are on those odd, skinny walls that no one knows what to do with or why they are there – these are the spaces that make hunting for the perfect mirror so fun.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.21.23 PM

Practical Tip of the Day:

Brighten Up Your Day

Always consider how the light will change in your home, as well as the view, when you put up a mirror. If you’re like me and the more light the better…then ensure you hang your next mirror in a spot that catches the natural light.


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