Where The Magic Happens

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And this is where the magic happens….Bow chicka bow wowwww…..

Your bed is where the magic happens – it is the focal point of the room and how you define your bedroom space. How often do you watch HGTV and they take you into a beautiful bedroom and the first thing you say is “WOW, that lamp is gorgeous!”  Yeah, never. Everyone looks at the bed first. So have some fun with it! Show people that you sleep well & you decorate well.

Things to remember when making your bed: Bed Skirt.  Sheets.  Pillows.  Pillow Covers.  Throw Pillows (my fav, duh). Comforter.  Blankets

So where to begin?


The easiest/cheapest way to update your bed is with a few accent pillows or a colorful throw blanket. Target or Home Goods are perfect places to find eclectic accent items at discounted prices. Reminder: most merchandise at stores like HG are great quality items and were simply overstock from the vendor – which means no one has to know you bought your normally $100 hotel bed sheets for $19! H&M Home is also an incredible resource – all bedding and accents under $60? Um, yes please.

Headboards & Bed Frames

Do you need them? If you’re on a tight budget this is where I recommend you skimp out. Spend the dinero on your bedding and pillows to create a place you can luxuriate each night. You can’t feel the thread count in a bed frame, but you sure can feel the comfort of fresh, soft sheets when you retire for the evening. Always remember that homes are meant to be lived in, not just looked at. Create a bed that is comfortable to sleep in versus just nice to look at. And there are plenty of way’s to create unconventional “headboards” to define your bed space if you want to get creative. (I feel another blog post coming on….design on a dime headboards. Get ready…)


Making my bed every morning was not an option growing up, it was a mandatory. And it still is in my house today. Take the time to make your bed each morning, not just when you think you have company coming over. I promise you will enjoy slipping into bed at night with your sheets tucked in like a hotel bed and your pillows placed right where they should be. Remember from above, a home should be as functional as it is fantastic. Making your bed not only ensures your bedroom will look tidier but also makes retiring for the night more enjoyable.
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Practical Tip of the Day:

Girl vs Boy Beds

Finding a happy medium to ensure your sleeping space isn’t too frilly nor too masculine can be difficult, but here’s a few suggestions for how to keep a feminine touch and not make your guy feel like he’s sleeping in a barbie dream house.

Focus on bold colors and non-polorazing patterns. Think stripes versus flowers. Additionally, as much as I love throw pillows, too much of a good thing…is, well, bad. Try and avoid  pilling your bed full of throw pillows. I’d say two at most. (Gentlemen reading, would you agree?) Last quick note, a huge chunky blanket can be the perfect accessory for your bed, however be careful when selecting a throw. Too many tassels and frill, or that cheetah print you love so much, could take your once neutral bed space to a bit girly than perhaps intended.

Only you and your partner can determine what you like best, but I think the above should at least start you off on the right path to finding cohabitation bliss.

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