I’ll Drink To That

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Shots, shots, shots, shots….everybody!

OK, maybe just a margarita or two will suffice for a fun evening with good company.

The purpose of this blog is to give you easy & practical solutions to help you enjoy your home and entertaining more…and to perhaps bring out the inner fabulous host/hostess in you all that you never knew existed before!

I often have people tell me that they love to entertain, but only have one set of dishware at their disposal and they don’t feel they can change up the ambiance from party from party for repeat guests. Don’t fret. Nice dishware can be expensive and most of us don’t have the luxury of owning multiple sets of plates, bowls, chargers etc. But with a  few key accessories, you can change up your table/entertainment space relatively inexpensively.

If you read “Attention To Detail” earlier (thank you if so!) than you already know about my obsession with napkins and how easily they can transform your table from event to event. Glassware serves the same purpose. Play with colors and styles – especially if you are working with basic white plateware, the right accent glasses can truly transform your table.

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Entertainment Essentials.

If you have a tighter budget, and a cupboard full of colorful shapes and sizes of glassware is just not possible, there are really only three key sets of glassware I think every host should own. Champagne flutes, wine glasses and water glasses. The rest are all nice to have (don’t get me wrong, per the above, I love a good cocktail glass!) but not necessary.

Champagne Glasses: Who doesn’t love the sight and sound of a bubbly champagne flute toast? Right? Although champagne can be served in a multitude of different glasses, I would suggest not making your wine or water glasses pull double duty and invest in a set of flutes. Especially for those of you throwing more formal affairs, don’t skimp on this accessory.

Fun Fact: Champagne flutes are taller and narrower than wine glasses to ensure that the least amount of liquid is exposed to the air as possible. Exposure to air speeds up the carbonation process – the quicker your glass looses carbonation, the faster it will become “flat”. You want your bubbles to last longer? Invest in the tall boys…trust me.

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Wine Glasses: As a self proclaimed wino, I realize my next statement is going to sound almost criminal (sorry mom and dad if you are reading this!). If you don’t have funds to update your wine glass collection with multiple sets of red wine, white wine, stemless, etc. glassware…it’s ok. You only really need one good set of full stem wine glasses.

Reasoning for stem versus stemless? If you can only afford one set of wine glasses, although stemless glassware looks great and is fun to hold, white wine should typically not be warmed while drinking and is best served chilled. Holding onto a glass by the stem ensures you can keep your white wines cooler because you are not heating the glass with your hands. The stems shouldn’t be an issue for red wine drinkers either – just cup the base of the glass to heat the red wine as preferred. Stemware gives you the option to serve both types of wine, properly.

White vs. Red: As a note if you are trying to decide to get either white or red wine glasses, the only difference between the two is the width of the opening. Often people prefer their reds to decant prior to drinking, to better enjoy the full body and flavor of the wine. The larger the opening at the top of the glass, the faster the wine “breathes” and speeds up the decanting process.

So save some cupboard space and dinero and just get the single set.

Water Cups: Remember that the right water cups can serve as mixed drink glasses as well. That means you can save some additonal $$ and skip out on the cocktail ware.

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Practical Tip Of The Day:

Quantity vs. Quality?

Not sure how many glasses to buy at any given time? I always try to buy in sets of four. Ideally I have at least one set of eight matching glasses to ensure I can set a traditional, more formal, table if needed….however there is something to be said for a little mix n’ match action. If you are unable to find at least eight of a particular glass you like, find two similar sets of four and alternate glassware type between table settings. Changing up textures and colors even between place settings can create an eclectic style and ambiance that is uniquely yours.

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  1. I love your blog Laurie! So fun and creative!! Keep it up!

  2. Amanda Gallaher

    Love the alternating amber/gold glasses!

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