Brunch Basics

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Hosting guests for a great meal doesn’t just mean dinner parties. Breakfast entertaining can, and should, be fun & filling too!

There a few brunch essentials to remember when hosting:

Brunch Basic #1:

Start off the morning off with a little bubbly!

Nothing kicks off a party like a little champagne. And I’m fairly certain it’s socially acceptable to drink before noon if you splash a little OJ in your glass and call it a Mimosa…

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Breakfast Tip #2:

Make entertaining easy…the last thing you want to do at any feast you host is spend more time in the kitchen than enjoying making memories with your guests.

A lot of breakfast treats you can make it advance and wait to cook until the morning. The less mess and prep you need to endure the day of, the better.

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Lastly Tip #3:

Great decor!

Take the time to set a table, buy some flowers (remember friends, Trader Joe’s $3 bouquets!), pour some coffee & make your guests feel at home.

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Practical Tip of the Day: 

Ever wonder how to make your eggs fit perfectly onto a breakfast biscuits like our friends at MCD?

Try this helpful trick!

Pour your eggs into the lid of a mason jar while cooking them and voila! 

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