An Evening With Billabong

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Sometimes my day job overlaps with my dream job…

I recently had the extreme pleasure of styling an event for Billabong, one of the most premier surf apparel brands in the world. The event was held at Nomad’s in San Clemente, CA (if you haven’t been, make sure to add this restaurant to your foodie bucket list) and included guests from over nine local surf retailers, seven of Billabong’s elite athletes and a host of media and friend of the Billabong crew.

The surfer chic restaurant vibe, local bar patrons & warm summer night made the perfect recipe for a killer party.

Make a Grand Entry.

The vast white wood walls created an ideal location to set up one of three curated, branded vignettes.

What were once oak wood crates for $11 from Michaels just needed a little dark wood stain and some vinyl decals, paired with a few slightly damaged (and more than slightly on sale!) wire baskets from HomeGoods and a quick stop to the Lowes nursey all made for a simple, yet unique event entry.

With the help from the local and crazy creative Carly Bennett (please visit her Etsy site, she rules) who hand painted an old plywood sign and a standard canvas drop cloth with the brands logo, some very inexpensive materials were transformed into branded touchpoints throughout the venue.

Practical Tip: Painters drop cloth is super cheap at Home Depot and has a vast multitude of uses for parties like this….think table clothes, photo backdrops…you get the point.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.43.55 PM

Small corners on the patio bar that would otherwise have been neglected got a face lift with a few additional branded touches as well.

Killer Find – Super sized outdoor candle holders, from where else but HomeGoods 😉 #myhomeawayfromhome. A handful of these were scattered throughout the patio to build the ambiance for guests as the sun started to set.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.44.03 PM

Adding a few pillows and throws and working with some awesome blue vintage signs turned this  once bare couch corner into a special space for party goers to hang back from the outdoor patio and relax.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.26.42 PM

Practical Tip of the Day:

Sometimes artificial is actually better than the real deal.

If you’re worried about weather (rain and candles don’t mix well) or maybe even a slightly tipsy guest knocking things over (we all have that one friend..), sometimes LED light is a more ideal alternative to candle light.

You can pick up fairy lights (yes, they are actually called fairy lights!) on Amazon and at most of your local Targets and they fit into almost any type of container you can imagine. They are pretty cheap and can last for more than a few evening events. Multi use = practical people!

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.13.46 PM

Always remember to give thanks….so thank you Brooklyn Clark as well for being my right hand woman on this styling adventure!

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